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Addlepated Lackwit Doubts Obama’s Socialist Bona Fides

Socialist blogger “Eugene Debs” … mockingly suggests that Obama is not the Socialist he is alleged to be.

Why didn’t Obama—the alleged socialist—fight for the public option?  Why didn’t Obama—the alleged socialist—follow the recommendation of many, including Paul Krugman and Rep. David Obey, that the stimulus be much larger than what he ultimately proposed?  Why didn’t Obama—the alleged socialist—give the American people just a small taste of real socialism and, at least, temporarily nationalize the large banks?  (After all, even George W. Bush’s administration nationalized AIG, the largest insurance company in the world.  Is Bush a socialist?  Is Ben Bernanke?  Is Henry Paulson)?  Why didn’t Obama support a financial regulation bill that would actually break up the big banks and link bankers’ compensation to institutional performance? Why didn’t Obama withdraw American forces from Afghanistan as soon as logistically possible—why did he increase American forces there?

Actually, Obama did fight for the public option, and were it not for a handful of Democrat Senators in red states (Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln) he would have gotten it. Eventually, he decided a phony and useless Executive Order about abortion funding was more important. He didn’t break up the big banks because the modern socialist knows that it is much easier for the Government to control a small number of huge banks than a large number of small banks.

And Debby leaves out that his “not at all socialist” president essentially nationalized General Motors, nationalized the student loan industry, exploded an already bloated Federal Government by 24%, moved to put the EPA essentially in charge of all industrial production in the USA through “carbon emission” regulations, signed a health care law that centralizes power and authority in the Executive Branch of the US Government and relegates insurance companies to the task of administering health insurance plans on terms dictated by the Executive Branch*, left the big Government players Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out of his financial “reform,” and through perpetual extensions changed unemployment insurance into a permanent welfare program.

Obama may not have wholesale nationalized the entire economy the way the progressive left would have liked, but he certainly made huge strides in that direction. And it is evidence by the fact that Obama has not embraced or advanced a single free market policy as president. Never. Not one time. Ever.

If Obama isn't a socialist, the word has no meaning.

* Oddly enough, this is identical to the role banks used to play in administering Student Loans before the Obamacrats (in passing ObamaCare) decided it would be more “efficient” to eliminate the middle man and administer the loans themselves. Hmmmm.


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