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Palin-Hatred, Now It Makes Sense

Perhaps the most succinct explanation of the deranged loathing of the left and the media (but I repeat myself) toward Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin decided to carry her Down Syndrome baby to term. Bristol Palin not only decided to give birth to her illegitimate baby, but may have been encouraged to do so by her mother. Babies are born in these circumstances every day. But in the judgment of our most worldly women and of our most persnickety men, these births, however commonplace, offend propriety. To have one such baby may be regarded as a misfortune; to have both seems like carelessness.

The unapologetic fertility of this ordinary Alaska family became an obstacle that prevented many from thinking clearly about anything that Sarah Palin might have touched — John McCain, free trade, low taxes, the war on terror. A kind of honor-rage descended, and those whom it touched ran amok. And why not? In the language of honor, the fertility of the Palin women, mother and daughter, was shameless, and Palin didn’t have the decency to be ashamed. (emphasis added)

Sarah Palin hunted cute fuzzy animals but allowed human babies to live… a complete inversion of the elite progressive left ethos. ¬†Naturally, she had to be destroyed.

Killing your wife or raping a thirteen year old will not necessarily get you drummed out of progressive graces. Letting an inconvenient baby live will.

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