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Hey, Look! One of Those Mythical Infiltrators Medea Mutters Claims Doesn’t Exist!

According to George Soros’s butt-boys at Medea Mutters it’s a complete and total myth that the left-wing sends out mobies to infiltrate and discredit the Tea Party movement and conservative candidates by pretending to be racist tea partiers.

How does one reconcile that undeniable racism with claims that no tea partiers are racist? Simple — infiltrators. Liberal saboteurs who pretend to be tea partiers and act racist in front of the media so as to discredit the tea party movement. It’s a comforting explanation for the tea party crowd — it absolves them of wrongdoing and of any responsibility to try and clean house, and it lets them feel persecuted at the hands of their old nemeses, the liberals.

Soros butt-boys, meet “Tyler,” a left-wing, faux tea partier who showed up at a rally to discredit a conservative Tea Party candidate by spewing racism.

Hat Tip: RS McCain


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  1. Busted!

    August 10, 2010 at 12:31 am

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