Morning Briefs

Joe Donnelly: Slimy Hypocrite

Democrat Congresscreep Joe Donnelly of Indiana wants constituents in his moderate-to-conservative district that he’s not like those big spending, taxpayer money-wasting Democrats like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

After attacking Reid, Pelosi and Obama in his ad, he turns around and votes Yes on the Unionized Bureaucrat Bailout Act of 2010.

Sleazy. Slimy. Typical Democrat. POS. This is what “moderate” Democrats do. They check with Nancy Pelosi and, if their vote doesn’t matter, they get to vote against the party. But when their vote does matter, they support Obama-Reid-Pelosi all the time. Whereas “moderate” Republicans like John McCain, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe gladly screw their alleged party at every opportunity; especially, in the case of the Maine sisters, when there’s a little pork for Maine involved.

There are no moderates, only closet liberals.

Hat Tip: Mashed Up bag of Meat With Lipstick and Gateway Pundit


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