Morning Briefs

Is Krug-Man Gunning for Robert “Grinds My Gears” Gibbs’s Job

Sister Toldjah notes a column by disenchanted leftist ideologue Paul Krugman where he criticizes Gibby for criticizing disenchanted leftist ideologues who are impatient with the pace of the Obama Revolution.

I’m not saying to turn the other cheek and always say something polite as a general principle; by all means lash out at your critics, if you have something to gain by doing so. Rudeness at the proper moment can serve a purpose — as I hope I’ve demonstrated over the years. But if you vent for the sake of venting; if you alienate people you’re going to need; then you’re just being stupid.

Am I reading to much into this, but does it seem like Krug-Man (Nanananana Nananannana Krug-Man!) is subtly saying, “Barack, c’mon… I’m a journalist AND an economist AND a professor. I can do Gibby’s job! Remember how great Tony Snow was, throwing out red meat to the base? I can do that!”

By the way, Krug-Man’s sidekick, Representative Alan “Dick” Grayson also wants Gibby fired.

What really grinds my gears? When d-bags from the New York Times come gunning for my job.\


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