Morning Briefs

Smug Leftists Support Traitor, Islamic Fascists

Bradley Manning — the fruity traitor suspected of turning over tens of thousands of pages of secret documents to the anti-war publicity whores at WikiLeaks and endangering the lives of American soldiers and the Afghan Resistance helping them fight the brutal Islamic Fascist Taliban — has become a hero to the progressive left.

The group co-coordinating Gogulski’s campaign, Courage to Resist, has developed a line of Manning memorabilia, replete with images of the boyish-looking private. There are “Save Bradley Manning!” badges, posters and T-shirts. The products’ tagline: “Blowing the whistle on war crimes is not a crime.”
Jeff Patterson, head of Courage to Resist, said the group has set an initial goal of $50,000 to support Manning’s defense and has already raised $33,000.
The campaign extends beyond the Internet. More than 100 supporters gathered at a hastily organized rally Sunday in Quantico, where Manning is being held at the Marine Corps base. Another took place Thursday night in Oklahoma City, the capital of his home state. Plans are being drawn up for an international day of solidarity.

The progressive left isn’t anti-war, it’s anti-American, anti-freedom, and anti-capitalism. If it means supporting the most brutal people on Earth, they’re OK with that. Also OK with building gigantic mosques to celebrate Islamic-Fascist victories over capitalism.


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