Morning Briefs

Ninth Circus to Judge Walker, “No So Fast, Mr. Gay Marriage Judge Guy.”

Yes! Yes! The tears of unfathomable sadness.Oh my! Yummy!

The Ninth Circus has stayed Judge Walker’s ruling overturning the will of 52% of California Voters and forcing his own social views on the public.

i.e. No Gay Marriages until the people who want to keep the definition of marriage what it is and always has been have a chance to appeal his activist ruling.

Lefties are going apesh-t and flinging poo like chimps on a cocaine bender… really, really spoiled chimps on a cocaine bender. Samples of the more hilariously petulant comments follow…

Once gays get equal rights, I won’t know who to kick around anymore. What will I do to maintain my self esteem? Oh that’s right, there’s still Muslims and Atheists.  I think Jesus would like Atheists better. They don’t go around hating and judging people just because they are different.

Says “Tidbit,” an atheist who judges and hates Christians because they are different.

If you believe in the bible, two people were created. Where did everyone else come from. Oh, we are supposed to ask that question. Two people who are a couple whether it be man and man or woman and woman, or man and women, should have the same rights when it comes to medical or anything else. Religion should not come into this at all.

Says “Sunshine,” who is ignorant of both biology *and* theology.

the republicans must come out of their closets///////it seems 90% of the republicans in office are gay and afraid to admit it//////////then they get caught and are in trouble/////////be proud of ypourself and admit it and leave the gays alone

Says EB who thinks slashes are a form of punctuation.

I’d like to see an initiative on the 2012 California ballot denying Rethuglicans the ability to vote, own property, have children, or own pets. Rethuglicanism is obviously an abomination and a mental disorder; the brain is an organ for rational thought, not absorbing and regurgitating excrement dispensed by Rush “Viagra and Oxycontin party at my house!” Limpdick.

Says John, who seems a bit bitter about something.

If we can really make laws on the whim of a mob I say we outlaw conservatives. Completely, and wholly as a people. Outlaw them, 30 day jail sentence for every dumb redneck, racial, anti gay, anti everything thats not them,

Says T Bizzo, another fine example of leftist tolerance for people who are different.

WHEN gay marriage becomes legal, my boyfriend and I are going to flaunt our love in your faces and shove it down your throats.

Please don’t.


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