Morning Briefs

In a Time of Recession, It’s Good to Know the President Is Having a Good Time

Forget the recession, everything is happy in Obama-Land. Chairman Zero tied up traffic in Los Angeles for hours so he could “just hang out” with his cool celebrity friends.

The president strode to the microphone in the cool of the setting sun, amid a garden of lemon trees, a manicured lawn and a long aquamarine pool.

“What a spectacular evening,” Obama said. “Let’s just hang out.”

And his wealthy friends were happy to cough up big bucks for the opportunity to “just hang out.”

The entry fee was $2,500, but co-hosts — including Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg, and Barbra Streisand — paid $30,400 a couple.

Meanwhile, the little people who pay taxes and work for a living surely didn’t mind a little inconvenience for the sake of the Emperor of Progressivism.

It took my wife an hour and half to make the two mile commute home Monday, after the secret service closed some of LA’s busiest streets at rush hour to shuttle the president from his Beverly Hills hotel to a fundraiser for Congress hosted by the producer of West Wing.

As the White House tweeted about Potus meeting the Hollywood West Wingers, LA’s usually-snarled Westside traffic stood still. Moms and dads couldn’t get home. Child care providers raked in the after-hour penalties.

Tough noogies, y’ stupid little peon.

Next, off to Martha’s Vineyard.


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