Morning Briefs

MSDNC’s Frothing Brain Donor Unleashes a Brown Stinking Pile of Wisdom on the Victory Mosque

The Sage of MSDNC ranted about the GZVM last night in his customary “Full On Spittle-Flecked Raging Post-Menstrual Hysteria” mode. Ace of course, gets the best of the takedown. It’s straight-up brutality. (Language Warning)

So that’s what I think about Keith Olbermann’s very special comments — they’re like incredibly long, incredibly boring trailers for a low-budget movie about a demented retard in his mid-fifties who sets up a pretend tv studio in his mother’s basement and does a “TV show” every night interviewing puppets and his pet mice Hugo and Hubert, while Gerald Butler wants to cut out and examine his brain because it’s the Most Perfectly Retarded Brain Specimen in world history and his theory (for which he won the Nobel Prize) is that only a perfect retard-brain is the key to world peace and Diane Lane is his devoted sister trying to get a court order from Queen Latifah to stop him from seizing the brain but somehow they fall in love in a quickie montage set to September by Earth Wind & Fire and so Gerald Butler stops trying to steal Keef’s moron-brain and they become friends and at the end of the movie Gerald Butler teaches Keef how to shoot basketballs and it’s touching and funny but mostly funny because he’s a fucking retard and keeps hitting himself in the face with the fucking ball like a fucking imbecile.

Ouch. I am pretty sure Olbermann’s grandfather felt that.


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