Morning Briefs

Mystery of the Missing Oil

The Dramacrats are in a panic over the lack of catastrophic environmental damage from the Deepwater Horizon spill, accusing BP of withholding data and demanding new hearings so they can posture before the cameras and denounce the evil capitalist despoilers of the environment.

You see, the Dramacrats need to hold up this “catastrophe” as proof that offshore oil exploration should be banned everywhere, that their reckless, knee-jerk drilling moratorium (20,000 jobs lost) was justified, and… most of all… so they can shake down BP for more money.

Instead, as Rush Limbaugh predicted, the amount of oil spilled was relatively miniscule and was broken down rather quickly by the sun and the ocean.

The spill just did not live up to the hype, did not present pictures of beaches forever despoiled that would have inspired another generation of environmental extremists. The oil pretty much broke up and evaporated, which was good for the environment but bad for the environmental movement. So, now they are desperately trying to keep the dream alive by coming up with theories like invisible underwater oil plumes and hyping reports that spots of oil have been discovered in remote parts of the gulf.

The relative amount of oil spilled in the gulf was like emptying a shot glass of Wesson oil into an Olympic-sized swimming pool. There may be some spots of oil remaining here and there and underwater, but it is not the catastrophe the environmental (emphasis on “mental”) left wishes it were.

The regime should worry less about underwater oil and more about underwater mortgages.

The Dramacrats are gonna shoot Clue Goo all over this one.


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