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So, What’s Up With the Ground Zero Victory Mosque?

First of all, the progressives who have been proclaiming their support for the GZVM in the name of “religious freedom,” are the same folks who’ve been cheering the ACLU and its jihad to eliminate any expression of Christian Faith from the public square for the past 40 years… which makes me doubt their sincerity.

Second, the “moderate Muslims” who want to build the GZVM claim they want to build bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims, but their response to objections to the placement of the mosque isn’t to compromise and try to understand the feelings of the people they claim to want to build bridges to… but to dig in their heels and demand that everybody accommodate them. I guess that’s a one-way bridge they want to build.

Third, it turns out someone has gotten a hold of Imam Rauf’s sermons and speeches, and unless you think calls for the destruction of Israel, support for Wahabbism, and defending Osama bin Laden are the actions of a moderate… he’s not so moderate.

This is a fascinating dilemma for us believers; how do we profess and maintain absolute conviction in our own faith while still respecting those who don’t believe as we do? This is a challenge most secularists are not intellectually capable of managing; and one these so called “moderate” Muslims have no interest in engaging.


One response

  1. forest

    They don’t have the money to do the project. This alone can be grounds for zoning rejection.

    August 21, 2010 at 4:01 pm

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