Morning Briefs

Caturday Post: The 10 Least Believable Lies of the Progressive Left

10. There are socialists in the Democrat Party, but only a few and only on the fringe. Nobody in the Mainstream Democratic Party really admires Castro, Chavez, or Che.

9. The corporate media in the USA have a conservative bias.

8. We don’t want to take your guns away.

7. We oppose foreign wars, but if America were attacked, we would be first in line to defend her.

6. The reason there are so few conservatives in academia is because they’re too dumb to be professors.

5.  Giving illegal immigrants a “path to citizenship” is essential if we are going to secure our borders.

4. The ACLU doesn’t hate Christians, they’re just standing up for everybody’s religious freedom.

3. We oppose voter ID laws because they disenfranchise minority voters.

2. We’re not pro-abortion, we’re pro-choice

And the number one least believable lie of the Progressive Left…

1. We voted for Obama because he was the best candidate, not because voting for a black guy made us feel good about ourselves.


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