Morning Briefs

A Monument to Democrat Fiscal Responsibility

LA spends $578 Million to build an elementary school.

You could build, like, five mosques for that kind of money. But don’t worry, because…

Some experts say it’s not all flourish and that children learn better in more pleasant surroundings.

Some experts. Not all flourish. OK, consider me reassured.
The School District is claiming it’s not their fault it cost so much to build. They had to spend $33 million on “methane gas remediation,” $15 million on historical preservation, and $9 million in a lawsuit against Donald Trump, who also wanted the property.

OK, that accounts for $57 Million. Now, what about the other $521 Million?

The school district claims that the cost of building materials tripled. Even if you buy that, it means this school still would have cost $230 Million to build ($175 Million construction + $57 Million for the aforementioned crap)… and that’s assuming cost of materials were 3x higher throughout the entire construction period, which they weren’t.

Somebody made bank on this boondoggle. It would be very interesting to investigate the connections between the school district and the contractors.


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