Morning Briefs

Is Barney Frank Going Down… Electorally?

GayPatriot-West seems to think so.

In sending in this link, a reader offered, “I’m becoming more and more convinced that Frank believes he’s vulnerable which is why he’s behaving the way he has been lately ie Saying Fannie and Freddie should be abolished, etc.”  Just over a week ago, Jim Geraghty cited a poll from the Bay State indicating that “54% of registered voters inMassachusetts are either somewhat or very likely to vote against their incumbent Democratic Congressman this November.

I am skeptical, I am convinced Massachusetts voters hate the rest of the USA which is why they send pieces of human feces like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Barney Frank, Gerry Studds, Bill Delacunt, and Ed Markey to Washington to begin with.  But GPW has come a long way since he deleted a comment I made about Barney Frank from his blog because he thought I was being disrespectful to the mincing pederast.

A lot of Democrats are trying a new look this year.


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