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Progressive Lefty Upset That Republicans Want to Follow the Proper Process for Amending the Constitution

AP leftist hack Ben Evans is up in arms over some Republican congressmen who are kicking around ideas to amend the Constitution by, for example, eliminating birthright citizenship (thus aligning the USA with 84% of the rest of the world’s immigration policies), eliminating direct election of senators, requiring a two-thirds vote to raise taxes, or restricting the president’s treaty authority.

“People are responding to the politics of the day, and that’s not what the framers intended,” she said. “They intended exactly the opposite — that the Constitution not be used as a political tool.”

But it’s OK when activist judges respond to “The Politics of the Day” and impose their own views on gay marriage and enforcement of immigration laws against the will of the people.

And you know what? I don’t agree with all of the amendments some of these conservative legislators are proposing either; but I respect the fact that they want to seek change through the Amendment process, rather than appointing radical activist judges to subvert the Constitution. You know, like Democrats do.

Steve Gilbert at Sweetness & Light agrees with meh.

Evans carefully makes sure you know that Democrats want to amend the Constitution, too, but their proposals are … unlike the ‘politically-motivated’ proposals by some Republicans … minor and procedural and totally non-ideological. (His source for this analysis is the George Soros-funded “Constitution Project”)  And of course they would be. The Democrats are content to use an activist judiciary to find that Constitution endorses gay marriage, abortion, pornography, and the obliteration of Christian faith from the public square … but doesn’t really mean those parts about free political speech or the right to bear arms.


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