Morning Briefs

The “Anti-Incumbent” Mood

The media — to give their party cover — are casting the national mood as “anti-incumbent.” As though the public just woke up one day and said, “You know what, I hate incumbents.” The MFM never get into why the mood is “anti-incumbent?” It’s because people don’t like what the incumbents are doing. Instead of fixing the economy … Job 1… they decided to use their power to pass a health care “reform” that nobody wanted. And their primary economic endeavor has been to take out trillions in deficit spending to bailout their cronies in the public sector unions while millions of private sector jobs were destroyed.

So, it’s not really an anti-incumbent mood so much as an anti-politicians who are effing up the economy and bankrupting the country mood. And an anti-media mood. When people are losing their jobs and watching their home values sink while reporters are gushing about how fabulous M’Chel looks on her luxury Spanish vacation…. it doesn’t exactly convey that politicians or their media butt-buddies exactly have the pulse of the people.

Let's just not talk about the elephant in the room.


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