Morning Briefs

Ben Quayle Owes the MFM a Thank You

The MFM, Clueless as ever.

Ben Quayle was a longshot in the race to replace John Shadegg in Arizona’s 3rd District — until the MF Media saw a chance to relive some of their glories days bashing his father and poured on the negative publicity.

It completely backfired. Here’s why.

The media tried to link him to a NSFW website called ‘The Dirty,’ and alleged that he posted material there that was not appropriate to the family. This is the kind of stunt a lot of people do in their 20s. It’s not a big deal, even if the allegations are true. But the MFM tried to run BQ into Larry Flynt. Nobody bought it.

Second, they made a big fat hairy deal about a piece of campaign literature which included him with a picture of his nieces. The MFM claimed it was dishonest because it would have deceived voters into thinking the girls were his daughters. Voters in actual families who understand that an uncle can love his nieces didn’t see what the media were hyperventilating about.

Third and most importantly, BQ released an advert in which he said Obama was the worst president in history. The MFM thought this was blasphemy and tried to pillory him for it. They forget that outside the elites and the media, Obama is not regarded as a god. Many GOP primary voters would agree… or at least think if Obama is not the worst POTUS in history, he is at least, very very bad.

The MFM thought they were ridiculing Quayle by publicizing his anti-Obama remarks. In fact, they were getting his point across.

The piling on ultimately helped BQ because nobody trusts the MFM. (Which is a big part of the reason so many people think Chairman Zero is a closet Muslim — the more his media cheerleaders swear he isn’t, the more people suspect they are lying. They lie about how well the economy is doing, so why should they not lie about Obama’s religion?)


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