Morning Briefs

Special Ed Goes Nutzoid

Ed Schultz… struggling to stand out amid MSDNC’s nightly line-up of left-wing loons (Matthews-Olbermann-Maddow) reportedly threw a massive hissy-fit because he wasn’t given equal billing with prominent lesbians Maddow and Olbermann.

“I’m going to torch this f***ing place!” he screamed during a meeting in the MSNBC newsroom according to the New York Post. “F***ers!” he added for good measure.

According to an unnamed source, Schutlz was dragged into a meeting with MSNBC president Phil Griffin, where Schultz was told that he would be fired if he did it again. He broke down in tears.

Maybe he was just PMSing.

Even if 50,000 people watch you on MSNBC, you're still a retard.


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