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Beck Brings Faith and Patriotism to DC; Trolls Spew Hate

Hat Tip: The Holy Coast

Glenn Beck’s 8:28 Rally was today (photo above). It celebrated God and Country with hymns to the former and tributes to the soldiers who have fought for and won our precious freedom.

It was Livestreamed, with a Twitter feed at the side. This gave Patriots the opportunity to comment on the proceedings:

Restoring Honor Rally was fantastic!!!! Let’s put ourselves on God’s side. God Bless Glenn Beck!!! #Glenn #restoringhonor 828just now • sierrapine

And it also allowed progressive leftists to comment on the proceedings:

Glen Beck needs to fellate a gun barreljust now • luritchan52

@timheidecker Glenn Beck’s Nuremberg rally re-enactment looks NOTHING like the original. They sure have the spirit though! #restoringhonorjust now • chinspired

I’m not saying that Glenn Beck starts off every morning by fucking a toddler…but he probably does. #restoringhonorjust now • Wurrwilf

An hour after the rally ended, the progs were still spewing hate on Twitter. I get that they hate Beck because he is so outspoken in his love for freedom and country, and because he brought down communist radicals Van Jones and Anita Dunn, and because things aren’t looking so great for the Obamunist Party in November… but one would think they had something better to do than sit at their computers and electronically piss on a celebration of God and Country.

I wonder what it is like to look in the mirror in the morning and see such ugliness reflected back at you.


One response

  1. forest

    Here’s one from one of my friends who actually used to be a decent guy. We used to drink and have some fun when we were in out early 20’s. 15-20 years later, he’s still getting drunk in a college town and loves Obama because he wants free stuff stolen for him:

    “I have a dream that Glenn Beck’s decapited skull is used in a polo match.”

    August 29, 2010 at 9:55 am

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