Morning Briefs

Well Done, Beck

You gave the pony-tailed lunatic a conniption fit.

Hat Tip: The Blogmocracy


One response

  1. forest

    Charles should go get a CAT scan. I’m serious about that.

    Anyway, I watched about half of the event on CSPAN, and I didn’t hear any whining about being persecuted at all. Anybody who even listens to Beck’s radio show maybe 1 hour per week would know that the event was going to be non-political, religiously themed, and positive in tone – ant that’s what it was.

    I reckon Charles gets his twisted information about Beck from Media Matters, and doesn’t feel the need to actually check any original source material before declaring him a deranged racist.

    Another thing, I wonder if Charles knew that 8/28 was the date of King’s speech, or like the rest of us, only found out about it after it became a convenient anti-Beck canard. (I know, I know, Charles and the rest of the haters didn’t know the date)

    August 30, 2010 at 7:45 am

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