Morning Briefs

Recovery Summer! Detroit Has One Thriving Business

Oh, sure, the business-hostile city bureaucracy, stifling regulation, brutal unions, and crushing taxes have killed off the manufacturing base in the city of Detroit and in Michigan generally, but there is one bright spot in the Metro Detroit economy: Strip Clubs!

In about a year, the (Starvin Marvin’s strip club) chain has mushroomed to six clubs in Detroit, and talks are under way to buy three more in the city — putting the chain in control of nearly a third of Detroit’s 31 topless bars, which generate $200 million a year.

How does a city with 30% unemployment and a massive welfare caseload support 31 strip clubs? You would almost think, I dunno, that there is some connection between poverty and people’s inability to properly husband financial resources and embrace family values.

I know, that’s racist talk.

Oh, and this is rich; some of the other quasi-pimp strip club owners are complaining that Starvin Marvin’s owner is giving them a bad name.

“People in the industry are already tarnished in society,” said Nicholas Faranso, who owns Tycoons on Eight Mile in Detroit and BT’s Lounge in Dearborn. “He breaks all the rules. It makes us look bad.”


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