Morning Briefs

The Political Brilliance of ObamaCare

Health care costs are going to increase this year. A lot. These increases will begin to become apparent right around Election Time. And because the Dramacrats pushed so hard for health care reform, they now own these cost increases. Costs may have gone up anyway, probably not as much without ObamaCare’s “cover everything for everybody” mandates, but the Dramacrats own health care, now. So, they own the health care cost increases that voters will begin feeling this year.

Also, the Secretary of HHS is babbling, a la Ho Chi Minh, that the public needs to be “re-educated” about the glories of ObamaCare. Gosh, if they keep talking about their socialized health care schemes like that, people are gonna start to think they’re Marxists or something. (Hat tip: Gay Patriot).

Blair Warner, Patron Saint of Brilliant Ideas


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