Morning Briefs

Get a Room

Chris Matthews slobbered over his boyfriend’s speech taking credit for the progress in Iraq since George W. Bush’s surge.

He studied hard in school. He obeyed the law. He raised a family. He took care of his family. He was an excellent student. He was on the Harvard Law Review. He did everything. He went through the democratic process. He didn’t go out and make a lot of money on Wall Street. He gave himself to his community. This guy is almost pluperfect and they don’t like him.

All of that is somehow supposed to make us happy that his boyfriend is burning down the United States economy and unzipping his fly to piss on the rubble.

Here, Chrissy. You and Olbermann can wear these to ease the pressure on your knees while you fellate your president.

In contrast, Chrissy’s more butch MSDNC colleague Rachel “Softball” Maddow was all PMSy because Obama deigned to say something minimally positive about Bush. Gee, Rach, maybe if you took some Midol, you wouldn’t be so bitchy.


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