Morning Briefs

All Right If I Just Call You “Bitch” Then?

To normal people, addressing a woman as “ma’am” as in “Yes, ma’am,” “No, ma’am,” “Thank you, ma’am” is common polite courtesy.
To the spoiled narcissists of the progressive left, “ma’am” is a sexist insult. In particular, New York Times science writer Natalie Angrier.

For many women, then, the insertion of the word “ma’am” into an otherwise pleasant social exchange can feel like a tiny jab, an unnecessary station-break to comment on one’s appearance: Hello, middle-aged- to elderly-looking woman, how may I help you this evening?

In other words, their neurotic narcissism forces them to interpret everyday politeness as a personal slight. To quote a comment from the super-secret email exchange: “These twisted weirdos are insulted… by people showing them respect and politeness. Talk about F-ed up.”

Natalie Angrier, BTW, seems to be something of a man-hater, based on some of her previous work:

A May 17, 1994 piece featured the says-it-all headline “The Male of the Species: Why Is He Needed?” “Women may not find this surprising, but one of the most persistent and frustrating problems in evolutionary biology is the male. Specifically, where did he come from, and why doesn’t he just go away?”

I see what you did there.


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