Morning Briefs

Typical MFM SOB

The San Francisco Chronicle sent some reporters into rural Imperial county to do a story on local opposition to same sex marriage portray gay marriage opponents as bigoted, subhuman hicks. Patterico reports.

According to the opening paragraph, Imperial County was “taking a lonely stand” — despite the fact that the initiative received support from 7 million voters. The county is described condescendingly as “an impoverished, sun-baked desert backwater pasted into the southeast corner of California”. One particular quote stood out like a sore thumb, in which the reporter summarized the position of county supervisors and religious leaders: …the sacred institution of marriage has no place for sinners.

Patterico explains that the actual truth of the story is much more nuanced than that. Put truth is not the objective of the modern journalist. The modern journalist’s job is to support the progressive elite in their endless high-school game of “All the cool kids are on our side” by belittling anyone who refuses to conform.

Embrace it! Ignorant peasants!


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