Morning Briefs

Chairman Zero Courting Nurse Bloomers for Timmy’s Job?

The rumor is that Chairman Zero wants to sack Timmy Geithner at Treasury, and that his four hour golf game with Nurse Nancy Bloomberg was a job interview.

On the one hand, Bloomberg has a streak of nanny-statism in him a mile wide and several miles deep. He has engaged in jihad against smoking, trans-fats, and any other behavior faddish liberals decide is unhealthy for the lumpen proletariat to engage him. On the other hand, he is okay with the kind of jihad that kills people, and so supports the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.

However, a post at Treasury would not give him real license to do anything out of the economic realm. He is pretty much a doctrinaire, tax-and-spend lefty on fiscal issues, so, no worse than anyone else in the administration. Maybe less of a doctrinaire Marxist than others in the administration, and unlike the rest of the administration, he has actually worked in private enterprise. And he sort of, kind of opposed the stupid new banking regulations the Senate passed. So, he may suck somewhat less — overall — than the rest of them. But the reasons he would suck less would also make it unlikely Bammy would pick him.

So, I guess, what I am trying to say is, I don’t think it will happen and I wouldn’t care if it did.

Hat Tip: The Blogmocracy


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