Morning Briefs

Joe Biden Was Right… by Accident

When Joe Biden said that Democrat elites embraced Obama because he was a clean, articulate black man… he accidentally swerved into the truth on that one. Obama has spent his entire adult life in a cocoon created by rich, white, Marxists like Bill Ayers and the faculties of Columbia and Harvard. By intellect and inclination, he was a D student, but he was elevated (to the Harvard Law Review, no less) by the desire of left-wing elites to ensure that he succeed.

Chris Matthews, more or less, admits this is the case when he wonder aloud why the rest of America isn’t as impressed with his boyfriend as he is. (A black man who can hold a job and doesn’t ditch his wife? Amazing!) Obama was the trophy of the Affirmative Action establishment, a presentable black man who could be sold to the American public and elevated to president; something that could never have happened to a white, half-term senator with terrorist associations, a murky background, and a far-left voting record.

But now people are seeing that a community organizer — whose only life skill is getting rich white people to give him money — doesn’t really have the chops to run the country. Even the yewts are defecting, as they discover assuaging white guilt isn’t worth a lifetime of unemployment and confiscatory taxes.

Clean, Articulate, Can Dance A Little


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