Morning Briefs

Newsweek Says the USA “Over-Reacted” to 9-11

Dying leftist propaganda rag Newsweek doesn’t see why the USA needs to have so much counter-terrorism activity since there hasn’t been a massive terror attack since 9-11.

This is like the old liberal journalist saw about “Why are there so many people in prison if the crime rate is so low?”

To be fair, there is a case to be made that there is too much bureaucracy, too much waste, and too much incompetence in the Government’s anti-terrorism apparatus. But waste, bureaucracy, and incompetence is how the Government does everything! We tolerate it on issues of national defense and security because these are vital functions of Government for which there is no civilian alternative.

There is even greater waste and incompetence in the Government bureaucracies that “manage” environmental protection, housing, education, health care, and a thousand other things that are outside the Constitutional and practical scope of the Federal Government’s responsibility. Newsweek has no problem with those bureaucracies, and indeed, demands their expansion. It’s only protecting American lives and freedom that Newsweek has a problem with.

Hat Tip: Patterico

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