Morning Briefs

Oooh… I’m so scared!

Moonbat-dot-org…. I mean, MoveOn-dot-org… is putting together a strategy to help out their heroes like Barbara “Don’t Call Me Ma’am, Soldier Boy” Boxer and Alan “Screaming Lunatic” Grayson in the Fall elections. In addition to rounding up as many social parasites as they can to vote on election day, Morons… I mean… MoveOn… promises…

We’ll use the media and creative tactics to show that corporate front groups are pouring money into these races and helping elect Republicans to carry out their agenda.

Creative tactics? Let me guess, you’re going to put on stupid costumes and engage in street theater. If we’re very lucky, you’ll make puppets.

Much like Claire at Knowledge Is Power, I’m not too intimidated. Most of their energy will be spend choosing a coffee shop that serves fair trade beans in which to hold their committee meetings, followed by long arguments over how to divide the bill in a manner consistent with social justice. (i.e. No tip for the wage slave behind the counter.)

I'm so... startled!!

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