Morning Briefs

Crazy Preacher 1, Islamist Apologists 0

I think the media had a scheme that they would use the Florida Koran Barbecue to validate their “America is Islamophobic” meme, but it couldn’t have backfired worse on them. First of all, the pastor was roundly condemned by everybody on the right. Second, even liberals were forced to admit that Muslims would respond violently to this, thus promoting the image of Islam as a religion of violence and intolerance.

The pastor may be crazy, but he manipulated the media into making his point for him. Well played, you crazy protestant.

Religion of killing people when other people exercise First Amendment rights.


One response

  1. Muslims burn Christian man alive, stab his father to death:

    Gosh, I hope no koran was singed in that fire!

    September 10, 2010 at 4:40 pm

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