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Koran Burners Step In Where Elites Fear to Tread

Pastor Terry Jones — having gotten the publicity he sought — backed off on his plan for a Koran Barbecue. But some guys in Tennessee went ahead and charbroiled so Korans anyway.

I don’t want to be misconstrued as supporting Koran-burning, but I do want to make a point that part of the reason people are burning Korans is out of frustration that while Christianity is attacked, mocked, and ridiculed mercilessly by the elites in our culture, Islam has been exempted from criticism. And into this void of elite criticism the Koran burners have stepped.

Attacking Christianity is practically an industry unto itself. Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have become wealthy men attacking the Bible. Entire organizations like the ACLU and Americans United for the Separation of Church and state exist to sterilize the public sphere from any acknowledgment of Christianity. In entertainment media, Christians are generally portrayed as hypocrites, bigots, closet perverts, and idiots.

Certainly honor killings, stoning of adulterers, the brutal oppression of women, brutality against gays, and admonitions to murder those of other faiths would rouse the elites to outrage if they were a routine part of Christianity. But our scholars and our media masters are manifestly unwilling to confront these evils when they are a routine aspect of Islam. To illustrate complete reality inversion among elites, one television show, NCIS, dealt with honor killing by turning the killers into Christians. The same television show decided to do an episode about a suicide bomber, who was also made into a Christian. Comedy Central, famously, won’t even let the name “Mohammed” be spoken on its network, but was willing to create a sitcom based on mocking Jesus.

If elites aren’t going to step up and offer serious, scholarly criticism of Islam… if our media aren’t going to honestly portray the horrors carried out in the name of Islam… then the Koran burners are going to fill that void.

Seriously, how can we ever expect Islam to reform if it is never criticized?


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  1. Beef

    Yes, burning Korans is stupid, disrespectful, inflammatory, and rude. But affording special sensitivity to the the treatment of the Koran reaffirms the belief of Muslims across the world that their continued jihad is a success, and that violence is rewarded with respect and acquiesence to their hegemony by the infidels.

    So, in the name of equality, and to make things a little clearer to the global Islamic community, it’s time to burn a few Korans. Maybe even make a toliet big enough to flush one.

    September 12, 2010 at 12:36 pm

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