Morning Briefs

In Delaware, the RINO versus the Train Wreck

Christine “Train Wreck” O’Donnell seems to have pulled ahead of Mike “RINO” Castle in the Delaware Primary, and no matter who wins, the state will be stuck with a deeply flawed and wounded candidate.

For the RINO’s, there’s Mike Castle; a guy with a 52 ACU score, who voted for Cap and Trade, who has same shady connections, and would replace Arlen Specter in the McCain-Snowe-Collins-Brown bloc of senators oh-so-willing to grab their ankles in the name of “bi-partisanship.”

On the other hand, Christine O’Donnell lied about her college degree (or lack thereof), went off on a talk show host who asked her some hard questions, and apparently sued a Conservative Lobbying Organization for $7,000,000 citing mental anguish and sex discrimination; all of which says “crazy chick” to me. She would be a more reliable vote in the senate, yes, but that baggage is gonna crush her like a bug and scoot the Democrat into office.

If only the choice were between a Turd Sandwich and a Giant Douche.

This Choice Would Be an Improvement

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