Morning Briefs

So Much For That Progressive Meme

Here’s the irony, the smug progressive whining point is that the Tea Party is nothing but old white people who are threatened at the loss of white male establishment power. Yet, in Delaware, it was the Tea Party who rejected the old white guy and picked the anti-establishment chick.

It was also the Tea Party that rejected the old white establishment guy in South Carolina District 1, Colorado District 3, and Florida District 22. In each case, backing an African-American against a white male establishment candidate. Also, the Tea Party in Florida is backing a Hispanic for the senate rather than the establishment white male.

But progressives will keep telling themselves that they’re the racially enlightened ones and the Tea Party is just a bunch of bigots; because comforting fantasy worlds are much easier to deal with than reality.

Old White Guys just aren't as popular as they once were

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