Morning Briefs

Sore Loser Murkowski Blames Her Loss on “Extremist” Tea Party

The GOP establishment is going to have to be dragged of kicking and screaming, like a mental patient who was hit by an express bus. (I don’t know… it’s early and I’m sleep-deprived. I got one teenager who gets up at 0400 for work and another that gets up at 0500 for Bible Study class.)

Sister Toldjah reports.

The Alaska Republican, who lost her party’s primary last month in one of the year’s biggest election shockers, just released a statement saying she has ruled out taking the Libertarian Party line on the ballot, leaving herself “the more difficult task of running a write-in campaign should I decide to continue in the race.”

She said she lost the race because “the Alaska Republican Party was hijacked by the Tea Party Express, an outside extremist group.” Her statement did not mention former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who along with the Tea Party Express backed Murkowski’s successsful GOP challenger, Joe Miller.

Or maybe it’s because the Alaska Republican Party just liked the other guy better than you. Did you ever think of that, you crazy broad?

Elect Me or the Bunneh gets it!

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