Morning Briefs

The Peasants Are Revolting

The Republican establishment is freaking out, granted. But the Democrats are having a complete meltdown. What the Democrats are freaking out about is that they were shocked that the “Kennedy Seat,” which they see as a birthright entitlement, went to a Republican. Now, Obama’s seat may go to a Republican, and Russ Feingold is down 7 points in Wisconsin, and even Robert Byrd’s seat and Chris Dodd’s seats aren”t safe. It’s bad enough to be losing in the red and purple states. But Democrats are faced with losing seats they think Republicans shouldn’t even be allowed to run for, and they are freaking out.

Democrats are the closest thing in the American political system to royalists. They think they constitute a ruling class and their control of political power is a Divine Right (or would be if they believed in God). To lose the Kennedy/Obama/Feingold/Byrd/Dodd seats isn’t just a loss, it’s a disruption of the natural order.

Not even Barney Frank feels safe this year.

Update: Not just Democrats, but moderate Republicans, too. Murky is going to keep running in Alaska.


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