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The ONLY reason you oppose Obama is because he is a Black – frequently heard leftist trope

Let’s parse this bit of bullshit, shall we?

In other words, were it a white president running up trillion dollar deficits; proposing the largest tax increase in history; bailing out Wall Street cronies and Union thugs with taxpayer money; nationalizing student loans; putting health care and the financial sector under Government control; crushing businesses with new regulations; shutting down oil exploration at the cost of at least 25,000 jobs; shutting down coal mining with new regulations at the cost of even more jobs; exploding the size of the Federal bureaucracy; and appointing hardcore leftist radicals to key administration positions… we right-wingers would be okay with all of that.

Conversely, if Obama proposed sweeping tax reform (a flat tax, lower tax rates across the board, and the elimination of tax breaks affecting fewer than 1,000,000 taxpayers), if he cut government spending and the levels of Federal Employment, reformed the Federal bureaucracy, adopted pro-growth economic policies, secured the border, recapitalized the military, stood up for the USA overseas, and lowered our foreign oil dependency through aggressive domestic production and conservation… we right-wingers would oppose him, because we hate the Blacks so much.

(Never mind that we’re supporting Allen West, Ryan Frazier, and Tim Scott for Congress. )

Does anyone not-stupid believe this?

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  1. Teh Mole

    What a cool pic!

    September 19, 2010 at 11:13 pm

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