Morning Briefs

Crazy Conspiracy Theory or Common Sense Analysis?

I was reading through this article on the tiny little deathtrap cars the Obamacrats are trying to force the proles into buying, and this passage jumped out at me.

“Policy and regulations are dictating what automakers bring out, rather than consumer demand,” Lindland said.

“If gas prices go to $4 a gallon or above, the segment will sell itself,” Sousanis said.

So… let’s see if I got this right:

1. Government mandates people drive tiny cars.
2. Government nationalizes car companies.
3. Government halts domestic oil exploration and offshore drilling.
4. Gas prices increase, forcing people to buy the tiny cars they mandated their Government-owned companies to build.


How will Al Gore have enough gas for his jet if you stupid peasants put it in your SUVs?

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