Morning Briefs

Christine O’Donnell Wasn’t the Only One

Lots of politicians dabbled in things when they were young.

Anyway, what was The Bearded Marxist doing back in his twenties.

Chris Coons, the freshly minted Democrat selected as Tea Party favorite and Republican nominee Christine O’Donnell’s opponent in the Delaware U.S. Senate race traveled to Africa in the 1980s — emerging as a committed leftist after volunteering for an organization supporting Black Liberation Theology.

The controversial religious philosophy espoused by radical left-wing activist James Cone and President Obama’s one-time spiritual mentor the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Black Liberation Theology is an off-shoot of liberation theology, a Marxist-driven interpretation of Christianity.

The Spectator notes that the MFM has dutifully whitewashed this period of Coons’s life as “‘spending’ time in South Africa and Kenya doing relief work.” Which is a bit like saying Robert Byrd spent time in his youth working with an advocacy group concerned with the status of blacks in America.

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