Morning Briefs

From the Country that brought us Socialized Health Care and Mass Muslim Immigration

The next great leap forward in social engineering from the Albionese, a new tax scheme under which instead of you getting paid by your employer, your employer send your check to the British Equivalent of the IRS, they take out what they think you ought to pay, and then give you what’s left. Call it, ‘The Government Eats First.’

It’s just the next logical step after withholding, isn’t it? And what could possibly go wrong with letting bureaucrats have your paycheck before you do?

Speaking of Airstrip One, Jennifer Saunders, the chick from Absolutely Fabulous, which you’ve probably heard of if you’re gay, has been treated for breast cancer and is recovering. She is fortunate in being wealth enough to afford private insurance, since Britain’s Nationalized Health Service routinely denies breast cancer treatments to women.

British Health Care... plus ca change...

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