Morning Briefs

Loretta Sanchez Warns Her People About the Yellow Peril

Loretta Sanchez is a dingbat leftist congresswoman from the seat that used to be represented by B-1 Bob Dornan. She is running for re-election against Republican Van Tran, and she found it necessary to warn “her people” against foreign immigrants who might take away their congressional seat

“The Vietnamese and The Republicans Are Trying to Take This Seat from Us”

This reminded me of an analysis that appeared in the Huffington Post a couple of weeks ago, which I decided to edit to make comply with reality:

An evolving practice in Republican Democrat House campaigns against Democratic Republican andidates is the use of Islamophobia Hispanic Pandering: spreading the idea that there is a domestic terrorism threat from Muslims Dirty Gooks and that the GOP Loretta Sanchez can better protect the public from “the other.”

Linda and Loretta Sanchez, the Duras sisters of the US House of Representatives

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