Morning Briefs

Democrats Lies of the Week

Three Democrat Lies are showing up as talking points on blogs and from seminar callers into talk radio hosts.

Lie #1. Obama gave 98% of americans tax cuts.

Obama did no such thing. One aspect of the stimulus was a temporary, one time check sent out to people whether they paid taxes or not. (Mostly not). This was not a tax cut, this was welfare. And it was more than offset by massive increases in the Federal tobacco tax.

Lie #2: New polls show Democrats surging.

A Survey USA poll has Rand Paul up by only a couple of points against whatever dimwit Democrat he’s running against, another poll had Crist up in Florida, and a Public Opinion Strategies poll had Harry Reid up by 5 and his son down by only five. All of these polls seriously oversampled Democrats. Although I do expect Democrats to improve in the polls over the next few weeks as the lefty noseholders come home.

Lie #3. 2. Christine O’DOnnell said on O’Reilly in 2007 that mice have been created with fully functioning human brains.

This is a deliberate misrepresentation of what she said. She was referring to the development of mice created with fully functioning human brain cells. which was a news story at the time she said it.

Fully Functional

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