Morning Briefs

Paranoid Much

DailyKos Lead Nut Markos Moulitsas and Lib Radio Dingbat Stephanie Miller are convinced that right-wingers are plotting to kill them.

MOULITSAS: They started to resorting to violence after Obama was elected, cause having an African American with the middle name Hussein sort of blew their minds. But, the Tea Party movement sort of allowed them to channel their energies into something a little more healthy than shooting people.

MILLER: Well right, but Marcos there have been exactly what the Homeland Security Department report talked about. There have been a huge increase in right-wing violence.

MOULITSAS: I know and there have been.

There have been? Gee, I have been not noticing. I mean there was that right-winger that shot people at Fort Hood… no, wait, that was an Islamist. Well, there was that guy who flew the plane into the IRS Building. No, wait, he supported socialized health care and quoted the communist manifesto. Well, there was that college professor who shot three of her colleagues… no, wait, she was an Obama supporter, too.

So, what exactly is this surge in right-wing violence these left wing whackjobs are talking about?

OMG, They've killed NOBODY! You Bastards!

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