Morning Briefs

Republican Establishment Plans the Next Big Screwover

John Boehner and pals have no intention of pursuing any kind of reform agenda if elected to the majority in November.

So says John Batchelor, a well-connected DC radio host. According to his inside sources, John Boehner and the rest of the Republican leadership have no intention of pursuing the types of fiscal and government reforms advocated by Paul Ryan and other conservatives. Instead, the Boehner plan is “business as usual,” with just enough tax, budget, and health care reform talk to placate the conservative base.

A Republican member looks past the current backbiting to the supposed GOP majority next year. “They’ve all been trying to be leaders, speakers, now they’ve got there. Look out to April and May, if they don’t have it together, they will have to borrow more money, and the fighting will start again. They can’t see the forest.”

A Wall Street economist judges: “The Republicans will be bailing out the regional banks by next summer.”

And, by the way, the recent Pledge to America is nothing but the hack work of one of Boehner’s PR flacks.

Republicans plan more of the same.

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