Morning Briefs

Hiring Illegal Immigrants; Something Else That’s Only Wrong When Republicans Do It

So, Meg Whitman Hiring an Illegal Alien for a maid is a scandal (rightfully so), but Ma’am Boxer hiring day laborers to protest Carly FioRINO is no big deal.

(I should have known anybody who worked on John McCain’s campaign would have a soft spot for hiring the undocumented.)

This is where the Dramacrat control of the MFM really comes in useful. When a scandal… or even a “scandal”… comes down on a Republican candidate, the media immediately hype it, while allowing the Democrat candidate to stay above the fray. He can claim, “I don’t want this election to be about my opponent’s problems” because he has the media to do his dirty work for him.

But when a scandal comes down on a Democrat, the media ignore it, unless the Republican brings it up. At which point, the Republican is attacked for “mudslinging.”

Now you know why I call them the MFM.

Maybe Meg Whitman’s maid can go work for Colin Powell.

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