Morning Briefs

A Tale of Two Cities

When Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg offered Newark, New Jersey $100 Million to improve its public schools, the mayor and the governor joined him and discussed ways to put the money to work to improve the performance of the city’s miserable public schools; over the objections of the city’s teacher’s unions.

When Bob Thompson offered $200 Million to help improve education in Detroit, the mayor and the governor told him to go f–k himself, at the behest of the teacher’s unions.

Instead of grabbing the money and doing a happy dance, Detroiters, as is their custom, wailed about a suburban outsider taking away their schools and stealing their children.

Then-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick told Thompson to just drop off the check and let Detroit Public Schools decide how to spend it. Gov. Jennifer Granholm stood in the schoolhouse door, assuring unionized teachers she wouldn’t allow Thompson’s charters to come in and take their jobs.

Democrat politicians will always protect teachers unions before helping students. Teachers vote. And subliterate welfare recipients are the Democrat base; so there’s an advantaged in Democrats to having a lousy public education system.

Go (bleep) yourself, Bob Thompson!

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