Morning Briefs

Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Little Hippie Rally

From The Examiner via Nice Deb.

The October 2, 2010, One Nation Rally, held at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, D.C., can be summed up in three words: complain, complain, complain bitch bitch bitch. The rally appeared more like a contest, to see which special interest group can outdo the other as the biggest victim of society.

The One Nation Rally, had sparse crowds, empty seats in the front of the podium, and people roaming around that held little interest in the speakers. In fact, several speakers attempted to provoke the audience to chant a slogan, only to fail in embarrassment. Even the great orator, Jesse Jackson, failed to whip the crowd up to chant his famous: “Keep Hope Alive” slogan.

Maybe the best part was the hippies chanting. “Obama ain’t no socialist! We are! We are!” Illiteracy and stupidity in the same package. Tough to beat. Quite a contrast from the Glenn Beck attendees singing “God Bless America.”

If only one of these had shown up.

Yeah, the liberals trashed the place. Liberals always trash the place.

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