Morning Briefs

This Really Frosts My Cookies

The owner of an Indianapolis Cookie Shop declined a request to provide cookies for a Gay Coming Out Day Event. The Social Justice Police Are Not Pleased.

Heather Browning, a coordinator for social justice education was organizing the Oct. 7 event, aimed at encouraging coming out and discussion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.

“When I explained it to him the nature of the celebration, the gentleman told me that it was against their morals and values to do so, and then hung up on me,” Browning said.

City spokesman Robert Vane said the city will launch an investigation next week to determine if Just Cookies violated Indianapolis’ anti-discriminatory ordinance.

The progressive left can’t get it through their heads that freedom means that people are going to do things they disagree with; in the progressive left utopia, you have only the freedom to do those things that they approve of.

We'll teach them to be tolerant, or push the 'No Pressure' button.

Hat Tip: Knowledge Is Power

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