Morning Briefs

The Unstoppable Democrat Electoral Juggernaut

I have come to the conclusion that the polls are wrong, and the Republicans are going to get their asses handed to them in this election.

My logic on this is indisputable. First of all, the Democrats have passed what they assure us is a very popular mainstream agenda: An $800 Billion Economic Stimulus, the nationalization of student loans, Cap and Trade by EPA fiat, Government health care regulation, a moratorium on offshore oil drilling, the bailout of banks and companies, massive financial industry regulation, and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. According to Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Harry Reid, these are all agenda items mainstream America has been clamoring for.

Since the Democrat Agenda is so popular, and so mainstream, it is utterly unthinkable that voters will not reward them in November.

And second of all, Joe Biden has predicted that Democrats will win in November. Hey, if Joe Effing Biden is predicting victory, it’s in the bag.

So, the Democrats’ agenda is popular, the Democrats showed they can govern by passing their agenda, and Joe Biden says they’re going to win. What more do you need?

Official Mascot of the 2010 Democrat Juggernaut

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