Morning Briefs

Asking Dick Blumenthal how to create jobs is like asking Barney Frank how to pick up women

Dick Blumenthal embarrasses himself trying to explain, from the perspective of a lifelong politician, where jobs come from. It’s a little bit like listening to Barney Frank explain how to pick-up women.

What Dick Meant to Say Was:

“It begins in youth when mimsie and pater got me into a good prep school. That’s sort of a requirement, because without a good prep school education you’re not going to get into an Ivy League college. Then it’s on to Harvard, where pater ensured that my rather quotidian grades do not count against me, and that my youthful indiscretions do not come back to haunt me. Then it’s on to military service. Pater pulled some strings to make sure I remained stateside during the unpleasantness in southeast Asia, so I took the liberty of buffing my combat credentials to impress the peasants. And after that: success! On to a glorious career in public service! And then…oh, wait. You meant how to create a job for someone else? Uh…um….I don’t know, I must confess. I’ve never had a real, actual job. Well, there was that short stint at the Washington Post, but it was a do-nothing job, if you take my meaning. Another step up the ladder, you understand, a way to meet the right people! A job, you say. Hrm. Perhaps the plebs can clean toilets or dig holes or something? People still poop during Depressions, you know!”

And Maine, the Democrat candidate attacks Wall Street while taking perks from Wall Street including private jets, mansions, and Caribbean vacations while her boyfriend takes a $200 Billion Federal bailout.. The Republican candidate own one of those “Main Street” businesses the Democrat claims to support. His ad shows him sitting on the front porch of his house with his wife and kids.

Makes of that what you will.

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