Morning Briefs

Proud Liberals Are Idiots

To cue this up, this came from a discussion on another blog in which a particularly stupid troll calling itself “Proud Liberal” praised a Rolling Stoner (you know, the magazine for geezers who still delude themselves that they’re hipsters) article by Matt Taibibi that he claimed “DEMOLISHED” (ALLCAP troll-speak his) the Tea Parties. By which he meant, regurgitated the lame, “teabaggers are racist” talking points that are like butter to certain left-wing Obama circle jerk blogs.

The article must have said something about how Tea Partiers are hypocrites because some of them are on Medicare, or something stupid like that, because someone else commented, “What Obama and Matt Taibbi don’t realize is that those people on Medicare have paid a chunk of their paychecks every year to the Federal government to fund their Medicare.

Which got me to thinking, most people who are on Medicare would rather not be, but the Federal Government through its regulations has rigged the system so that there is no option for most people but Medicare.

It’s as though the Government enacted legislation that made all food except macaroni and cheese too expensive for all but the most wealthy and connected, then set up itself as the main provider of macaroni and cheese.

So then, people who are sick of nothing but government macaroni and cheese say, “We’d like something different,” idjits like Proud Lib can say. “How ungrateful! There you are, stuffing your face with government macaroni and cheese and complaining about being fed. What an idiotic hypocrite you are.”

They will point at the rich and say, “The only reason you have to eat macaroni and cheese is because the rich are eating all the other food.” They will then offer a solution; they will tax the rich until the only food they can afford is macaroni and cheese. Then, everyone will be equal.

And certain proud liberal idiots think this is a good plan.

This proud liberal is going to give you such a slap.

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